A Plea For Peace

Hello reader,

I have attempted this 1st blog numerous times. I have written, rewritten, deleted…. I’m far past take one and take two. I have tried speaking on a video instead of writing and nothing seems to be working for me.  I can’t keep redoing work already done so I am forcing myself to publish this regardless of my own self criticism.

Because this is my 1st blog I am going to tell you a little bit about who I am, what I believe in and why I write. I’m also going to share with you what I hope to achieve through my writings.

My name is Tanya Jean. I have been writing for nearly all my life. This type of writing (blogging) however is new to me. Up until recently I have hoarded all of creative writings, keeping them for only my own eyes to read and reread. I have always been afraid to let others read my work because it is my soul inked onto paper in verbal format. I suppose I was afraid of rejection.

I now see the importance of looking past my own fears and sharing my thoughts and ideas with others. You see I am here today with a purpose. I have made my own mission, so to speak… Today I write to all of you, pushing all fear aside for the hope that my words will linger with even one person. My words are like seeds from which ideas are born. My ideas then meet with your ideas and together gardens are grown.

My thoughts and ideas revolve around Human beings, Earth, The Universe, and my desire to create a lasting change. I have always believed that each human born is born with a purpose, a Destiny. When I was very young I remember thinking about Death. I tried to picture myself dying, leaving this world but no matter how hard I tried I honestly could not picture myself dying. Likewise on the opposite end of the spectrum I could not picture myself being born. As a child and still now I believe that I am not only here now but I have always been here and will always be here.

Just to be clear I don’t think I have always been Tanya, inhabiting this same body. I haven’t really given a whole lot of thought to the possibilities. The important thing to mention here is that do think I’ve always had thought. Also, I believe I have always been aware of my own connection to Earth.  These thoughts and ideas are important because they play a huge role in motivating me to write today.

I write today for all of you out there who share my dreams, my goals. I write because this is my way of reaching out to all you who are here on a mission, much like I am. I write for Earth, Earth children, our Creator (God or Allah,) whomever you choose believe in, even if it only an unexplainable energy. I write for all of those who lack belief. I write because I care about people and the longevity of the human race. I write to take a stand for what I believe in. Most of all though, I write with the desire to create change that can ultimately bring us one step closer to attaining Peace on Earth.

I have always felt that I would witness some sort of Earth shattering, end of the world type event. I dreamt dreams of war before I ever saw images of war. I saw a lot of terrible tragedies but I also saw an ending to these tragic events. In the end the world was changed drastically but for the better. I knew of these these things before I understood religion. Once Religion was learned I felt I was doomed to live through Armeggedon. (Hah 🙂 I know it’s silly but possible…) I still believe that I will live to witness some great transformation here on Earth but I don’t think it has to involve the slaying of supernatural demons.

The change that I believe will occur now is one that will be the beginning of a life lived amongst humans where Peace is felt naturally between all. I think about the generations before ours and why Peace has yet to Prevail. There are a million different reasons I can come up with but the best one being: We as a species were still blinded by anger and hurt to an extreme that we couldn’t imagine a life without that stigma attached.

Yes, people today are also hurt, maybe even more so than our ancestors were. That hurt we all feel though has enabled us to feel something even more powerful, “empathy.” We are all hurting. We all want change. Even those who are bitter, deep down they crave love and they yearn to feel peace within their souls. We now have a chance unmatched by any era before this to create a long lasting change, to create a world where Peace is felt within, for now and for eternity to come.

Because I have never envisioned my soul being without conscious thought nor ceasing to exist, I find this purpose worth fighting for. I do not want to come back and relive this Earth course through another lifetime of hardship and hurt. I mean if we don’t do it It’ll probably be another 3,500 years before humans have the opportunity to try again. Think about it seriously. Our kids today, (most) 20 and under are so wrapped up in technology and virtual reality I don’t think they are even able to connect as with others as we did when we were small. We can forget about them saving the world. And their children are not going to hear fairy tales spoken by mom, but instead will hear the monotone voice of “Sere” reading to them. Sad thoughts right? But do you see what I mean?

WE ARE DOOMED!!!! Please help so I don’t have to take the Earth course over and over again for another 3500 years?!!! (LOL I am laughing but also very serious.)

I see today a human race with the majority of people having good hearts. I see forgiveness and love that brings me to my knees. I see a society on a global level that is ready to relinquish a past that is not entirely our own. As a whole we do not want to hang on to the wars started by our fathers, fathers. I think that the people who desire peace and believe that We can create change are the majority. The people who have been misled we can redirect them to a path not leading to a dead end.

This is my Plea for Peace…

This is my stated Belief.

What has gone wrong

Can be undone

If you too desire change

Stand now, be unafraid…

Generation Peace is here

This can be more than a new year.

Our ideas in motion

more powerful than any potion

Can trigger a new beginning

We can all start living.

Lay the weapons on the dirt.

We’ve all felt enough Hurt.

You are the change.

It can never again be the same.

I stand to create world Peace.

Stand with me if you feel my Pleas.

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